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Feb 3, 2022

Khalid Machchate is an entrepreneur, Royal Policy advisor, Digital Transformation Consultant, and tech expert. He has been awarded the Forbes Top 30 Under 30. I met Khalid at Devoxx Morocco about 7 years ago in 2015. We've stayed in touch throughout the years and every time we catch up he's got a bunch of new projects he's operating and initiatives that he is supporting. Something I recently learned is that he has a full performance studio in his home and is a talented vocalist and plays multiple instruments professionally. His passion for bringing more innovation to Africa shows through his actions as well as in his work in the tech industry. Tune in to this episode of "1 Luckygirliegirl" as I have a chat with Khalid Machchate and we talk about the current landscape in Morocco from the King's innovation policies all the way down to the student hackathons and everything in between.