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Dec 14, 2021

Nancy Gabriel was one of the first close friends that I made when I moved to Las Vegas over 14 years ago. I had already been in town for a couple of years but hadn't really connected with any new friends. Enter Nancy. Working at the front desk of a spa to pass the time, she recognized that I was overqualified for the position. We would chat while she awaited her appointments and we eventually became close friends. She has taught me communication skills that help me in my professional and in my personal life. Her optimistic approach to life has been integral in the success of her mediation practice. She serves on the Nevada Mediation Group, Inc. as well as the State Bar of Nevada's Fee Dispute Panel. She also volunteers her time at a local grief center for children. I have personally benefitted from her counsel as I've searched for ways to navigate my own grief. Listen to this episode of "1 Luckygirliegirl" where I have a chat with my friend, Nancy Gabriel, and we discuss how to generate business leads without networking, consistency in business, and chronic optimism.

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